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    Rules of this Section - Read Before Posting

    Audrey Santos
    Audrey Santos
    The Godfather
    The Godfather

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    Rules of this Section - Read Before Posting Empty Rules of this Section - Read Before Posting

    Mensagem por Audrey Santos Ter 11 Ago 2009, 11:19

    1 - Do not insult other users. Discuss subjects, not people;

    2 - It's not allowed the posting of pornography and/or messages that express any kind of prejudice (racial, political, religious, sexual, etc.);

    3 - Ads are not allowed, except in the section directed to them. Giving credits and/or guiding is different from promoting for your own benefit;

    4 - Put the source of whatever you're posting whenever it's possible;

    5 - Create topics in the right sections, and try to do not change the main subject of the topic;

    6 - Do not create repeated topics. Look for topics that treat the same subject or clarify the same doubt you have;

    7 - Do not double post. Edit the previous message, except if it's been posted for more than one day;

    8 - Be clear and specific in the topic titles, mainly in help topics. Instead of posting "Heeeeeeelp!!!", post "Help on TR:U - Mediterran Sea";

    9 - Do not post in uppercase. In the Internet it means yelling, and here it's not necessary.

    10 - Try to contribute the best you can to the forum and, if it's possible, invite more people!

    The violation of these rules will result in warnings and even banishment in case of insistence, except with the rules #1 and #2, that will result in immediate banishment.

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